Anti-aging by apple peels “fried pork with apple peels” ~the waste ingredients~♪

Hello everyoneクローバーウインク,


My name is Miyuki Enishi, 

I am from Japan. 



I’m not good at English. 

So, My English  is sometimes strange. Sorry(^^;. 



Anyway, I am a wife and a mother. 

I’ve been cooking for more than 30 years.  


And I also have experience to work at a food 

and a supplement company for more than 20 years. 


With my experiences, 

I learned many things and different cooking styles. 


But most importantly ,

I learned to give importance to each ingredient, 

even the waste ingredients


For example, chicken skin contains collagen


Usually we throw that away but it actually has some nutrition


and also apple’s peels or seeds but that also contain various nutrition 

which are good for skin and anti -aging. 


So, I am introducing ” waste ingredients cooking” especially. 


Let’s make effective use of them! 


This time ,I would like to introduce a recipe using [apple’s peels]! 




Apple’s peels contain healthy ingredients 

such as “apple polyphenol” and “resveratrol“, 


which are said to be good for anti-aging


Moreover! !! 


The peels contain much more healthy ingredients than [Fruit]! 


It’s a waste to throw it away!! 


So, this tims , 


I would like to introduce to hhow to make 

“Deep-fried pork and apple peels”






<How to cook>

chech this site





By the way, 

food that has been discarded until now revives in nutrient-rich cuisine!  


“Wait. I might be able to cook great food with these peels and seeds.”  


The time of trial and error is a lot of fun


Also, after making various ingenuity, 

I am even more excited when I make my own wonderful healthy recipe. 


When my family says it’s delicious, I’m really happy ♪   


While having fun, you can practice good things for your own health, 

your family’s health, the earth, nature, and the human race of the future! 


Please try it out and spend a wonderful time. 


See youウインク